A battle where love,not the sword is the weapon of choice

Title release date : 1/21/14

Author, Joshua Heights welcomes you. Lose yourself

Monday, September 19, 2011

Moon Eaters

Musical score for chapter 1 , read , listen , enjoy , lose yourself

Rise to the winged imago.......A butterfly of a story.

This evening I read over my last post ( unedited exerpt ) and immediatly noticed many errors , (opportunities) . You see, my dear reader when I begin a story, I just write , thats all  , just write .I  know the tale I want to tell and can visualize scenes , but the words  , the real words I want to use hide in the caves , up in the mountains and under the rocks in my mind , hiding there , making me come hunt for them, and I do . First though, I just write , jotting down what ever comes out of the pen. Then, I craw within myself , forming a coccon and night after night, I hunt for those little fuckers , "the troll words" and when I find them I eat them up like a hungry caterpillar. Then the  metamorphosis of the story can begin , it is a slow journey as I live in this word coccon .Free writing  , hunting , eating  , transforming  = egg , larva, pupa and finaly Imago  (last stage). But as I hunt and the story evolves , it remains a caterpillar, until and only until the words give rise to a winged imago. Oh , the beauty of a butterfly of a story.. flying away to the eyes of a reader.... Knight in the Forest of the Pons ( Journey to the Syndrome ) is just, but an egg
.  ....

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Chapter 1 ( an unedited exerpt )

This is a story about Lily, the sweetest little girl who lives in the Kingdom of Sperenza and the challenges she must endure from the chronic symptoms caused by an unruly Syndrome that has inundated her brain. Encephalotrigeminal angiomatosis or better known as Sturge Weber is the name of the syndrome and it is a fierce beast. This fiend has many characteristics some of which are… angry , annoyed , domineering, determined , dangerous , cruel , crafty ,obnoxious persistent rowdy , rude and uncontrollable, the list goes on . The syndromes most noticeable feature is a fiery red face and when this monster strikes its intended victim the mark it leaves is the same. Since the syndromes origin is unknown it is very hard to fight. Warriors of all kinds have battled this beast but the beast slithers on. There is however, one warrior who will give his own life if need be to save sweet Lily from her monster. For the rest this story the syndrome will be referred to as a dragon named Brocha who above is described as being an engine of destruction.  The journey to healing begins........... with
 Knight in the Forest of the Pons ( Journey to the Syndrome)
 by Joshua Heights

                                                             Attack of the Moon Eaters

Dusk crawled over the Kingdome , whilst a gibbous moon gave rise to a new nite, not just any night you see , but one full of evil and of horror and of blood and slaughter. Snow was falling in a slapdash fashion against a sky raven black, with leprous grey clouds blanketed about, above them sporadic flashes of silver, silently burst as well as a frightening sound off in the distance that hummed like the tires of a roaming Hurst.   Being that the sound drew closer and closer  its frightfulness turned into dreadfulness. A very distinct drone it was, one in which caused the hearts  of the warrior knights scattered along the frozen pallid forest floor to pound in their throats. Moon Eaters! dozens of them, racing towards the Kingdome of Sperenza, their enormous wings  beating the  air, causing a reverberation resembling explosions as sparks erupted from there nostrils all the while groaning that sound , a deep haunting  bellow, equal to  one million cellos  being bowed in a double octave note of e, over and over and over , steadily .  Moon Eater dragons live in nodes located in celestial spheres, that when the moon is tilted on the plane of the ecliptic it has an inclination of about five degrees. As the Sun orbits on its own ecliptic and the moon in its own orbit is inclined on the ecliptic and the two heavenly bodies line up with one more body, Earth an eclipse is formed unlocking the gates of the nodes thus releasing the Moon Eaters to feed and to live on to the next eclipse. The delicacy which has the Dragons in such a feeding fury, The pure untainted blood of the young virgins that live in the Kingdome, but In order to infiltrate the Kingdome and feast on its virgins the moon eaters must first drink from Lake Chandra, a mysterious lake, hidden deep within the Forest. The Warrior Knights knowing of this ritual wait in silence, armed to the teeth seated on horseback, hidden behind monstrous snowcapped trees and like crouching panthers with heated breath  about to attack they surround the perimeter of the biting  ice-covered lake in the offing to unleash their wrath upon the intruding beast. The waters of Lake Chandra are believed to be the many tears cried by the queen of the moon eaters (Chandra) who was captured, tortured by starvation and destroyed by a legendary warrior knight known as Dima, many many years ago. His tale lives on through his only great grandson (Nassor) leader of the warrior knights of Sperenza and father to a special little girl named Lily. Nassor, a brave Knight in his own rite who will do anything to protect his precious daughter, gives the order to his legion of fellow warriors to be on the ready by raising his awe inspiring scimitar shaped sword as he is seated upon his intimidating black stallion, in the midst of his armor shinning in a moon beam with force. At the same time, Rahu, leader of the dragons draws closer to earth, racing down in a chariot of darkness drawn by eight flying black horses with his fearless flock  soaring like fighter jets on the warpath behind him.  Subsequently, resembling a possed soul, Rahu and his gang of Moon Eater dragons seize the forest floor and circle Lake Chandra in attention. Rahu knows the warrior knights lie in wait, ready to attack, he searches his surroundings for any movement within the trees and just with his ill willed red glowing eyes, does not see anything. But he knows, with all his cold, calculated blood he and his beastly brothers are being hunted. For this is not Rahus first time at the legendary lake, the same lake his Grandmother, queen of the Moon Eaters was destroyed. With a long horrifying roar and a four short grunts, in a language only dragons understand Rahu gives the order to his militia of monsters to drink from the ice covered lake and give respects to their fallen queen. At this point,  the dragons lap at the ice with their hot steaming tongues’, causing a velvet like vapor to form above the lethargic lake. As the chilled water flowed down the dragons throats it placed those moon eaters in a spell, making them unaware of anything, for only but twenty seconds, but enough time for Nassor and his choked with anxiety warrior knights to wallop those abominable aliens. Next and all at once, with a crash not unlike meteor  smashing  into  humanity the Warrior Knights charged, their armor ringing and banging and in  unnerving unison shouted the words,  Kill ‘EM All ! KILL ‘EM ALL. Pandemonium detonated as the warrior knights emerged out of the darkness, on horseback they stormed and in the midst of thundering gallops, wild snorts and noble neighs announcing the attack, mighty halberds  slash at dragon skin and fiery arrows sailed through the snowy black night while many beams of red light  penetrated through that velvet like haze that coated the lake. These were beams from lethal lasers shot from warrior knights carrying Solid State Ray Cannons (SSRC) that could obliterate steel and rock, but only broke through the first three layers of 7 of the thick protective skins of a moon eater dragon. It took multiple shots from a single SSRC to even  slow a charging Moon Eater, but the warriors, experienced in many battles with dragons have uncovered that the beams of two SSRC cannons fixated on an opening  of  skin where scales were missing  for only three seconds would destroy its target transforming it into thousands of many blood-spattered pieces .  Laser beams ricochet throughout the battlefield, thundering like helicopter blades slicing the air. Several Moon Eater dragons where struck down dead by the sneak attack but after the effects of their enchanting drink wore off the slaughter fest was a on.   Dragons leaped into the sky in an aerial attack spitting fire bolts from their mouths down onto the forest, burning Knights and the armor they wore into a mangle of stinking flesh and melted metal their painful screams howling similar to a enraged waterfall. Arrows made of sleek steel with grenade tips rocketed from rapid nitro crossbows, whistled hostile as they soared towards their targets. Some where a direct hits causing the victimized moon eater to implode hurling guts, brains and all sorts of massacared innerads into the action packed death theater. Every where one on one brawls between Moon Eater and Warrior was taking place, reminiscent of a demonic ballet choreographed by 666 himself. The exchange of rage, so evilly beautiful in the midst of the fighting tactics of the sword wheeling warrior knight who was as elegant as the Samurai and the poetic fury of the moon eater dragon like a great white shark zeroing in on its prey, could snapp his tail like a whip with dead on accuracy flinging knights like toys  into the trunks of giant oaks bashing their bodies to smithereens. Streams ran red with the blood from enemy and avenger, as nothing could stand in the way of either sides mission. Hell bent on eating virgins under the silvery moon, dragons escalated their fury , while at the same time Knights , like battle maniacs let loose a wrath of their own as the killing was  done with eagerness and passion from both animal and man. No end was in sight, in fact the attack of the moon eaters was a an epic battle that had only one method to determine who would be victorious.  “ Justify the creed , was the method of the warrior , any warrior, Knight , dragon , Ninja or Jesus. “Bushido”, was the way of the warrior Knights of Sperenza who adapted there system of chivalry from the Samurai.  The code of the creed was frugality , loyalty, martial arts mastery and  honor unto death. While the fierce skirmish between Knight and dragon continued and losses on each side mounted , Rahu sat on the edge of a cliff with a fixed stare at Nassor , who with a defiant stare of his own looked back while seated proudly on his intimidating black stallion , its mane flowing in wind,  just like his masters crimsons colored cape .

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


God is in my fingers , God is in the dead , God is in the trigger , I got a halo around my head ........

                               Now for chapter 2 , where the devil takes a toll on my

                                        righ·teous soul