A battle where love,not the sword is the weapon of choice

Title release date : 1/21/14

Author, Joshua Heights welcomes you. Lose yourself

Sunday, February 26, 2012


KNIGHT TEASER : Wrote 2200 words this evening , and now it's time to sleep on it...
'Sleep on your writing: take a walk over it; scrutinize it of a morning; review it of an afternoon; digest it after a meal; let it sleep in your drawer a twelvemonth; never venture a whisper about it to your friend, if he be an author especially.'

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


KNIGHT TEASER : When you wish to enter the gate of determined goodness, then your idea-horse runs wild within the bounds of the six sense objects


KNIGHT TEASER: A peculiar phase of life is change which appears in the form of growth and decay. Nobody can deny the transitoriness of life.

Monday, February 20, 2012


Universal Life is not a blind vital force, but Creative Spirit, or Mind, or Consciousness, which unfolds itself in myriads of ways. Everything in the universe, according to Zen, lives and acts, and at the same time discloses its spirit. To be alive is identically the same as to be spiritual. As the poet has his song, so does the nightingale, so does the cricket, so does the rivulet. As we are pleased or offended, so are horses, so are dogs, so are sparrows, ants, earthworms, and mushrooms. Simpler the body, simpler its spirit; more complicated the body, more complicated its spirit. 'Mind slumbers in the pebble, dreams in the plant, gathers energy in the animal, and awakens to self-conscious discovery in the soul of man


He saw an empty skull, bleached indeed, but still retaining its shape. Tapping it with his horse-switch, he asked it saying: 'Did you, sir, in your greed of life, fail in the lessons of reason and come to this? Or did you do so, in the service of a perishing state, by the punishment of an axe? Or was it through your evil conduct, reflecting disgrace on your parents and on your wife and children? Or was it through your hard endurances of cold and hunger? Or was it that you had completed your term of life?'
"Having given expression to these questions, he took up the skull and made a pillow of it, and went to sleep. At midnight the skull appeared to him in a dream, and said: 'What you said to me was after the fashion of an orator. All your words were about the entanglements of men in their lifetime. There are none of those things after death. Would you like to hear me, sir, tell you about death?' 'I should,' said the Knight, and the skull resumed: 'In death there are not (the distinctions of) ruler above minister below. There are none of the phenomena of the four seasons. Tranquil and at ease, our years are those of heaven and earth. No king in his court has greater enjoyment than we have.' the Knight did not believe it, and said: 'If I could get the Ruler of our Destiny to restore your body to life with its bones and flesh and skin, and to give you back your father and mother, your wife and children, and all your village acquaintances, would you wish me to do so?' The skull stared fixedly at him, and knitted its brows and said: 'How should I cast away the enjoyment of my royal court, and undertake again the toils of life among mankind?


A peculiar phase of life is change which appears in the form of growth and decay. Nobody can deny the transitoriness of life. One of our friends humorously observed: "Everything in the world may be doubtful to you, but it can never be doubted that you will die." Life is like a burning lamp. Every minute its flame dies out and is renewed. Life is like a running stream. Every moment it pushes onward. If there be anything constant in this world of change, it should be change itself. Is it not just one step from rosy childhood to snowy age? Is it not just one moment from the nuptial song to the funeral-dirge? Who can live the same moment twice? In comparison with an organism, inorganic matter appears to be constant and changeless; but, in fact, it is equally subjected to ceaseless alteration. Every morning, looking into the mirror, you will find your visage reflected in it just as it was on the preceding day; so also every morning, looking at the sun and the earth, you will find them reflected in your retina just as they were on the previous morning; but the sun and the earth are no less changeless than you. Why do the sun and the earth seem changeless and constant to you? Only because you yourself undergo change more quickly than they. When you look at the clouds sweeping across the face of the moon, they seem to be at rest, and the moon in rapid motion; but, in fact, the clouds, as well as the moon, incessantly move on


As we men live and act, so do our arteries; so does blood; so do corpuscles. As cells and protoplasm live and act, so do elements, molecules, and atoms. As elements and atoms live and act, so do clouds; so does the earth; so does the ocean, the Milky Way, and the Solar System. What is this life which pervades the grandest as well as the minutest works of Nature, and which may fitly be said 'greater than the greatest and smaller than the smallest?' It cannot be defined. It cannot be subjected to exact analysis. But it is directly experienced and recognized within us, just as the beauty of the rose is to be perceived and enjoyed, but not reduced to exact analysis. At any rate, it is something stirring, moving, acting and reacting continually. This something which can be experienced and felt and enjoyed directly by every one of us. This life of living principle in the microcosmos is identical with that of the macrocosmos, and the Universal Life of the macrocosmos is the common source of all lives


"Every clod feels a stir of might,
An instinct within it that reaches and towers,
And groping blindly above it for light,
Climbs to a soul in grass and flowers


"I must
Confess that I am only dust.
But once a rose within me grew;
Its rootlets shot, its flowerets flew;
And all rose's sweetness rolled
Throughout the texture of my mould;
And so it is that I impart
Perfume to them, whoever thou art."


 Ye who seek for purity and peace, go to Nature. She will give you more than ye ask. Ye who long for strength and perseverance, go to Nature. She will train and strengthen you. Ye who aspire after an ideal, go to Nature. She will help you in its realization. Ye who yearn after Enlightenment, go to Nature. She will never fail to grant your request


Saturday, February 18, 2012

Crown Stealer

KNIGHT TEASER : The Village of Enkidu has been tormented by a sect Dragons known throughout the land as the Crown Stealers. These dragons live deep , in dark damp caves , located within White Drop mountain , a place uninhabited by humans , it is at the far north end of the forest of sperenza and at the base of the moutain, is where the villiage of Enkidu is located. The crown steelers are a much smaller dragon then the moon eaters , which makes it easy for them to manuver in their narrow dark caves .

It's always about the Victory

The sun has set , and a fire is lit , dinner is done and all showered and clean. There is a glass filled with diet pepsi and crushed ice on the desk sitting next to the the laptop where I am now writing a battle scene between the warrior Knights of Sperenza and a ruthless sect of dragons called Crown Stealers . Their name given to them because of the way they suck out the brains of human infants . Gory , I know , but all battles are .

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


KNIGHT TEASER: Nassor finally reaches the pons , and just as the MRI showed, it is hidden within a forest of arteries , and vessels and hellbringers. Enter the Pons warrior , echos a voice within his heart , for it is the voice of the shaman , release your loved one from the dragon and the creepers.

Flow to the Pons

KNIGHT TEASER: The moment you accept what troubles you've been given,the door will open. She is only an illusion , and her worms , shadows , go Nassor , let your soul flow to the Pons , said the Shaman ,

Monday, February 13, 2012


Is this thy will , That my daughters Soul's House should be a tortured spot wherein , like evil  lovers must dwell, the unquenchable flame , the legless creeping worm , who, with devious intentions stealthily gnaws away at her brain? If this is thy will , so be it ,  for I must be the cure , the early bird .......


For the worms are the symptoms of the syndrome that Chandra controls , a dragon she is , who says to her army of brain matter eating creepers , " Oh sweet bitterness I want you to laugh as you slowly kill the child, and the worms like dogs are obedient, and the dragon likes this.....

Epic Score - Deathless (B)

Friday, February 10, 2012

GO! To where the battle takes you

How far to-day in chase, I wonder,Has gone my hunter of the dragon.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


The deadline for Knight in the Forest in the Pons has past, and I find myself still writing . This story which was to be a novella has turned into a monster. The many nights of  putting down on paper my thoughts  have awakened the precious keepsakes I keep in my heart regarding who this story is about. So, as these memories  are released from my heart , then into my minds eye I am forced to continue onward. I do apologize to those who were anticapating the release of KNIGHT IN THE FOREST OF PONS, but, You can't push the monster if the monster is just as much as a part of you. So I continue to write on.