A battle where love,not the sword is the weapon of choice

Title release date : 1/21/14

Author, Joshua Heights welcomes you. Lose yourself

Friday, March 29, 2013


During his decent, the grey and dark violet sky became filled with a series of interconnected strange and awesome trees. They where bare, with tube like clear branches that carried fast moving bolts of lighting within them. Nassor slowed to a stop , and as he clung to the side of the cliff and watched in amazement at the spectacular light show.


Fog was creeping about , and becoming very thick, and Nassor could feel it seep into his eyes and down his throat.He watched the Shaman fighter slowly move about in an elegant dance of martial arts moves , cutting through the thick fog and then magically gathering it up , in a ball with in her hands, then breathing it in and then blowing it out, as flames into the darkness.