A battle where love,not the sword is the weapon of choice

Title release date : 1/21/14

Author, Joshua Heights welcomes you. Lose yourself

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

In my writing world , things disappear.

Knight Teaser : From Chapter 5, unedited  text 
but copyright nevertheless by Joshua Heights.

The flight to the hospital from the palace was swift and before they knew it the family was seated before Dr.Chung. Muriel was holding Lily who was wrapped in a soft blanket the color of mint with a gold crest stitched on the bottom, the crest of the Kingdome of Sperenza, a gift from the queen. Lily slept peacefully in her mothers arms while Aether her older brother played video games in the waiting room. Nassor seated next to Muriel lay a hand on hers . Dr. Chung spoke, a nurse sat next to the doctor and took notes. Did you have a normal pregnancy Muriel ? I did sir , except for some spotting of blood in the Seventh month, but I , we, Immediately went to the hospital and the obstetrician said I was well. Good , that’s good said the doctor , and how about prenatal vitamins did you take them ? yes, do you smoke ? NO, never ! drink alcohol? , no sir. Good ,very good Muriel . It is important you know to be careful of such things when pregnant and eat well. Oh , I did Doctor ! I did all of those things I was very careful . She was Doctor, Muriel is a great mother said Nassor . I am sure said Dr. Chung. He rose from behind his desk and walked to the front of it . Can I hold Lily? he asked ,Muriel looked to Nassor who nodded in acceptance . Muriel carefully layed sleeping Lily in the Doctors arms, she fussed a bit and yawned wide , which brought soft giggles and smiles to everyone in the room. The nurse was now standing next to the Doctor who was holding Lily like a loving grandfather , one could tell he was a father himself . Do you mind he said carefully unwrapping the mint blanket from around Lily's head . Not at all Doctor said Muriel. The doctor searched just with his eyes , his glasses again perched at the tip of his nose . Then he gently ran his hand over Lily's newly grown brown hair . His tender touch caused the babies eye brows to wiggle and a smile to form on her face , Look at that said Nassor she smiled ! did you see that Muriel ! , both parents were in surprise. Doctor Chung passed Lily back to Muriel and he then rested against the front of his desk, removed his glasses and places them in the top pocket of his lab coat. As it was explained to you ,Lily has a Port Wine stain and in medical terminology called a naevus flammeus.

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