A battle where love,not the sword is the weapon of choice

Title release date : 1/21/14

Author, Joshua Heights welcomes you. Lose yourself

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The truth of the matter ......

Hello all , follow along wont you. When I wrote Tear Avenger my inspiration came from a woman I meet who was a victim , Human Trafficked  , raped , abused and force feed a diet of heroin by her captures.  Victoria, her name as the character in my book explained to me her story. It was easy for me to visualize the torment she went through , I was able to see her facial expressions , able to witness her cries and sobbing , the anger in her voice and the bruises that covered her face . But the scars that were locked deep within her soul are what I had to uncover. This was done with research about human trafficking and the symptoms that come with it. Also I used a writers greatest tool , imagination. Thus was the story of Tear Avenger and on my blog and social media sites I updated my fans with basically tid bits . Tear Avenger was a learning experiance for me as a writer and what I have learned from writing that novella and from Victoria is truth.That truth involves both the quality of faithfulness,fidelity,loyalty, sincerity and veracity. So, as I prepare to pen Knight in the Forest of the Pons I feel compelled to unlock the scars of my own heart and share the secrets of my soul. Why ? you may ask, well , I see the need to connect to my readers , to share with them who I am and how I arrived to the place I am  in my life at this time . Also I want to share with you my writing process an in depth step by step of how I research , concentrate and dream about my writings . I see things in my daily life in a differnt light than others and my brain is constantly processing the data forcing me to pull over if I am driving or to wake if I am dreaming and jot down ideas , visions , feelings ect.... it could be a sunset or the color of the flame I am cooking with during my day job as a Chef where ideas or inspiration comes from.But for The Knight in the Forest of the Pons the inspiration came from a very dear and special source a victim in her own right , my daughter, who at birth was born with a monster in her midst. This monster a syndrome named Sturge Weber who they say will haunt her for all her life . A monster for all her fifteen years I as her father wanted to destroy and give my daughter a normal life. To rid her of the symptoms that plaque her daily life and give her the ability to run on a moon struck shoreline in her bare feet with the cool sand squishing between her cute little toes. The idea for Knight in the Forest of the Pons ( Journey to the Syndrome) came to me one late evening back in 1996 when my wife and I were bed side with our daughter at Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia. Her sympyoms finaly diagnosed that day as being Sturge Weber syndrome http://www.bing.com/health/article/naturalstandard-126018/SturgeWeber-syndrome?q=sturge-weber+syndrome the monster finaly revealed and I feeling the urgency to be the white knight and rescue the princess from the monsters tight grip. Follow along dear reader as I share with you this story of a fathers prayer and a litte girl whose determination and strenght will amaze you and inspire you to never , ever give up. The Knight in the Forest of the Pons ( Journey to the Syndrome ) where love not the sword is the weapon of choice . 

                                                                             Joshua Heights

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