A battle where love,not the sword is the weapon of choice

Title release date : 1/21/14

Author, Joshua Heights welcomes you. Lose yourself

Thursday, August 11, 2011

A bridge that needs crossing.....

                                                                Knight in the Forest of the Pons
                                                                   (Journey to the Syndrome)
                                                                                A Novella
                                                                           Joshua Heights
                                                                               (Battle Version)

Knight in the Forest of the Pons
                                                                As you bathed in the tree line brook
                                                                With sunbeams reaming
                                                                Through leaves that shook
                                                                I was there upon my black horse, hunting you
                                                                Never in all my days have I witnessed such a site
                                                                Birds stopped singing the wind stopped whispering
                                                                Even the sun turned black with fright
                                                               I have been in battles with two headed dragons
                                                              With beast that creep and crawl
                                   Even with fierce lions that have pierced my flesh in death brawls
                                       But never has my body trembled
                          Or my nerves shook, as I watched you bathe, in the tree lined brook
                                               Sitting upon my horse my armor shining with force
                                                   I was still, as timid as an unprotected fawn
                                                              Your slave, your pawn
                                                              Nevertheless , untouchable one
                                                              There is a bridge that needs crossing
                                                             and on the other side is the magical wand
                                                              That I shall capture
                                                         I,   Knight in the Forest of the Pons

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