A battle where love,not the sword is the weapon of choice

Title release date : 1/21/14

Author, Joshua Heights welcomes you. Lose yourself

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Unedited exerpt from chapter 1 ......enjoy

                                    Attack of the Moon Eaters

Dusk crawled over the Forest of Sperenza bringing life to a new night, not just any night, but one full of evil and of horror and of blood and slaughter.  A storm was raging, painting the sky raven black with leprous grey  clouds and above them sporadic flashes of silver silently bursting. Off in the distance a frightening sound could be heard and as the sound drew closer its frightfulness turned into dreadfulness. A very distinct drone it was, one in which the hundreds of warrior knights on the fog covered forest floor knew exactly what was causing their hearts to beat in their throats. Moon Eaters! dozens of them! racing towards the Kingdome of Sperenza, their enormous wings  pounding the  air causing a reverberation resembling explosions as lighting erupted from there nostrils at the same time they crashed through the grey clouds  all the while groaning that sound , a deep haunting  bellow, as if  one million cellos were being bowed in a double octave note of e, over and over and over .  Moon Eaters live in nodes located in celestial spheres that when the moon is tilted on the plane of the ecliptic it has an inclination of about five degrees. As the Sun orbits on its own ecliptic and the moon in its own orbit is inclined on the ecliptic the two line up with one more body, Earth. An eclipse is formed unlocking the gates of the nodes thus releasing the Moon Eaters to feed and to live on to the next eclipse. The delicacy which has the Dragons in such a feeding frenzy? Pure, untainted blood from the young virgins that live in the Kingdome of Sperenza.  In order to infiltrate the Kingdome and feast on its virgins the moon eaters must first drink from Lake Chandra, a magical lake hidden deep within the Forest. The Warrior Knights knowing this, wait in silence, on horseback ,  behind monstrous trees and like crouching panthers about to attack they  surround the perimeter of the mist covered  lake in the offing to unleash their wrath upon the intruding monsters. The waters of Lake Chandra are believed to be the many tears cried by the queen of the moon eaters (Chandra) who was captured, tortured and destroyed by a legendary warrior knight known as Dima many, many years ago. His tale lives on through his only great grandson (Nassor) leader of the warrior knights of Sperenza and father to a special little girl named Lily. Nassor a brave Knight in his own rite who will do anything to protect his precious daughter gives the order to his army of fellow warriors to be on the ready by raising his battle sword as he is seated upon  his  ominous looking black stallion all along his armor shines in a moon beam with force.  Rahu the leader of the dragons comes racing down to earth in a chariot of darkness drawn by eight flying black horses while in the same manner his fearless comrads sore like fighter jets on the warpath behind him.                                                     

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