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Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Other side of the Hill

Excerpt from Knight in the Forest of the Pons( Journey to the Syndrome)
 A sonnet

The Other side of the Hill

Once upon a forlorn sleep
I was lost in a dream
So wonderfully sweet
It seemed to be true

Twas a warm spring morn
As I laid in a clover filled meadow
Pondering above to an azure
Crimson and blue
Seated next to me on a rock
Reading the good book
Was a praying mantis
And draped over his shoulders
A purple frock
Suspended over my head
Like puppets on a string
Were ripples of bees ,
Lady bugs and a sparrow
With one wing

To my left there stood a hill
Enchanted with cherry blossom trees
And a rainbow of daffodil
Beyond a clearing snug in a nook
Flowed the waters of a murmuring crooked brook
On the shore sitting a top of a hollow log
Was a lone very bullish looking croaking frog
And over the brooks water dragon flies in a quad
whom Danced within the mist of a mysterious fog

Breathing deep and exhaling long
I was mesmerized in this medley
Of dreamy charm
What was I doing in such a peculiar place
In a peaceful state
Dare I say with a smile on my face

Usually my days are filled with remorse and sorrow
You know the pain I mean ,
Like your heart was shot with a poison arrow

Then , out of the blue
A childs voice echoed
Throughout the meadow
Daddy , daddy where are you ?
I listened intently , layed very still
As the childs voice seem to be coming
From the other side of the hill
Daddy , daddy where are you ?
All of a sudden standing under the sun
Amongst the daffodills and cherry blossoms trees
Was a lillte girl bending to her knees
Clothed in a snowy white dress
With pink ribbons in her long brown hair
She put her hands together
Reciting this heart breaking prayer

please jesus please

Help me find my daddy
He has been gone
For so long
And forgive me
If it is because of something I have done wrong
Wont you bring him back to me
And make things the way they use to be
I just want to hold his hand
Like we did as we walked alone the sand
Have him tuck me in tight , read to me
And make me feel safe on dark stormy nights

When I heard that prayer
From the sad little girl
With pink ribbons
In her long brown hair

I felt a rushing pulse
Throughout my veins
That landed in my heart
Just like that poison arrow pain
The little girl then
Placed her hands
Over her eyes
And began to cry
Weeping the words
Daddy why oh why
I continued to watch
From my spot
And still sitting next to me
Was the praying mantis
Seated on a rock
Putting down the good book
Turned to me with a majestic look
\ and from a thimble sipped wine
Then spoke and said
The little girl searching for her father
Is your daughter, son of mine

I could not believe what was takeing place
Dream or no dream I had no time to waste
Quickly I rose
While the mantis on tippy toes
Added ….God has given you a second chance
To be the man you are suppose to be
Go … go be with your daughter
Follow the narrow path
But beware of the black donkey

So in a hurry I made my way
Up that narrow path
Passed that black donkey
Who winked devilishly
I finaly made it to the daffodils
And cherry blossom trees
Sat next to my daughter
Who was still crying on her knees
Placed my hand upon her shoulder
Her head raised, she looked at me
And that beautiful smile of hers rushed
Immediately that poison arrow pain flushed
Daddy , daddy oh daddy its you
She leaped in my arms
Right out of those silly nodding daffodils
Boy , I held her tight
And kissed her cheeks
Both of our hearts skipping beats
I love you sweet heart I really do
I am so sorry I ever hurt and left you
With her big brown eyes , gleaming wide
And dimpled smile
She replied…daddy I love you too
Please never again leave my side
Because I missed you so.
And their we were embracing
In grass emerald green, surrounded by
Daffodils and cherry blossom trees
I lingered as long as I could
But felt it beginning to happen
And then woke up alone in seclusion
I will never give up , maybe the dream was a vision
A sign to take firm hold of Gods hand
And surrender to his will
Stay strong and endure
Because you never know what joy awaites you
On the Other Side of the Hill

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